The summer is upon us. We’ve been under fluorescent lights all winter and it’s now time to escape the office slog!  The awful weather that never went away seems to finally left us and allows us some time to enjoy outdoor cocktails, Mets and Yankee baseball, parks and all the other outdoor fun a summer in NYC brings.

Many of us are reading this from a cube or our offices. We recognize that outdoor time will be limited this summer unless you’re a teacher or have some serious PTO (sorry New York Events employees) so we want you to choose the right place to host your summer outing. If you do not have a summer outing, this is your time to lobby for one!  It doesn’t need to be the cost of a holiday party. It doesn’t need to cost a thing!  Summer outings are a great way to keep morale up and the tan going. It doesn’t have to break the bank; your team will appreciate the fun in the sun. We promise.

Here are three free ideas!

  1. Bryant Park Movie Night: Synonymous with a New York Summer Mondays is Bryant Park. HBO is hosting their annual Film Festival and it costs nothing to attend! The lawn opens at 5 and all you need is a blanket to get comfy. We recommend checking the lineup and getting a date on the calendar. In fact, you may want to think about being a cool boss and getting over before 5!
  2. Central Park: Simple and effective. No one will complain about visiting the park during work hours! You can even make it a brown bag lunch. Bringing your staff to the park during work hours will make you the best boss. Ever. Especially if you bring the Rosé.
  3. Beach Day: You don’t even have to leave the city for this. Most of us forget about the beach in Queens! From surfers to swimmers to the Ramones, everyone wants to “hitch a ride to Rockaway Beach.” Whether your people surfer or chill, they will certainly appreciate a beach day!

While summer hasn’t officially started, we think its a good time to start thinking of things to do. For you. For your employees. We’ll be publishing more thoughts and suggestions all summer long. Stay tuned!