There are many places to see art in New York City. The benefit of being here is that the types and style of free art ranges from the graffiti on the walls, the street performers in the city, the permanent sculptures at the landmark venues and art displayed by organizations and conservancies.

One of our favorite conservancies is the Madison Square Park Conservancy. The Conservancy raises the funds that support lush and brilliant horticulture, park maintenance, park security and a variety of free cultural programs.

The organizations Art program is extra special to us because we can enjoy the free art while waiting in line at Shake Shack (just kidding, sort of). Their latest installment is set to end of February 8th and while we’ve had it on our calendar since September, we wanted to remind everyone of the exhibit one last time before it is gone for good.

The exhibit has commissioned artworks made by internationally renowned sculptor Tony Cragg. Cragg’s Walks of Life, consists of three monumental bronze sculptures positioned on three lawns in the Park. Caldera in the west gravel section of the Park, Mixed Feelings commanding a northern lawn, and the immense and elegant Points of View on the Park’s Oval Lawn.

Go check it out or grab a burger and enjoy the wait!