When’s the last time you went clubbing? You know, out out. Yea, us too. We’ve been so consumed moseying around trying to find the next best late night food truck and missed the actual party part! We’re righting our wrong and staying on course.

It’s Friday, the weekend is here. It’s cold and its been a long week. Definitely a good time and excuse to go out partying. And, we mean party!

We’re an event guide and have plenty of knowledge on whats going on in our community. As a result, we’re taking our talents to the Bowery. Why? For Finale Fridays of course!

If you havent been here, then you may have been to The General or maybe the Jazz Room. They’re all housed together which makes this place a rocking venue. Whether you’re in the mood for a delicious meal, relaxing with jazz or ready to rage your face off, they have it all. For us, we’re going for rage but dont let us stop you from any of the above.

You wont be dessapointed by this multi-concept property that is hidden and different every way you approach it.

We say cheers and diner food at 5AM!