While you may not think art when you look at your refrigerator you may missing something. It could be the lack of magnets or having the door covered by your children’s pictures (aka ‘art’). Maybe you have a ‘to-do’ list or your shopping list for the next trip to the grocery store. Whatever the case is, the appliance is central to any home and is definitely an apparatus for art! As such, a fair was created! And what better place to host than New York City.

Inspired by founder Eric Ginsburg’s desire to give visibility to more worthy artists at key magnet times and locations, Fridge Art Fair (the name is a play on Frieze) was born in 2013 at Lower East Side’s historic first gallery, Kazuko Miyamoto’s Gallery 128, The boutique, soft sell, dog-friendly satellite fair once dubbed by Artinfo as “the baby who has refused to obey orders to stand outside the door while the adults confabulate inside,” presents annual editions in Miami and New York.

After many successful events, Fridge Art Fair is pleased to announce their return to their first New York venue, Gallery OneTwentyEight, as the base of their 8th New York City edition as a Frieze satellite, with several additional venues and partners along Rivington Street being finalized. Fair dates are May 18-22, 2022, at 128 Rivington Street on Manhattan’s Lower East side.

While it’s an expansive undertaking, Ginsburg says “As we know from the Butterfly Effect, small actions make big things happen.” “Be the butterfly,” adds Fridge Spiritual Advisor Linda DiGusta, “and peace is possible!” Both shout out some love for late Fridge Producer Cara Hunter Viera, who left this plane in 2020. This is the first NYC edition to miss her earthly energy and grace.

The team has always considered Fridge to be a kind of a hybrid between an art fair and a piece of conceptual performance art. The exhibitors, both galleries and artists, have presented everything from a Ferrari painted by Crash to a performance by a real medical doctor, also an artist and regular Fridge exhibitor, having “office hours” with volunteer fair visitors. This year, they plan to stay light in our hearts while facing serious issues with hope and energy. Don’t miss out!

For more information, visit fridgeartfair.com.