Her name says it all. In Japanese, the name Hiromi, which by the way can be given to males or females, means Generous Beauty.  And that is what we experienced (again) at the Blue Note when we Hiromi Uehara took the floor.  As suspected, the venue was bustling and there was a sense that something magical was about to happen just before the show.  By now, spectators like members of our team know what to expect and maybe that creates the ambiance and sets the energy for the audience because we met a few newbies that seemed to be on their toes ready to experience the mystic performance that was about to ensue.

Hiromi’s music is jazz. There is no doubt about it. Her performance is like nothing we’ve ever experienced (and we visit a lot of jazz joints).  She covers the classics, while touching the blues and even kicks things up a notch with genius music that feel like pop.  It’s something for people of all ages which is why we were thrilled when the Blue Note invited us to visit on a night magic was taking place.  In fact, Hiromi herself said “I don’t want to put a name on my music. Other people can put a name on what I do. It’s just the union of what I’ve been listening to and what I’ve been learning. It has some elements of classical music, it has some rock, it has some jazz, but I don’t want to give it a name.”

There is no name to give her performance. From young to old, we thoroughly enjoyed Hiromi’s show. Her antics and animated, passionate presentation had us engaged from the start. We could not take our eyes off of her and our ears were getting flavors that our palate barely could handle.  No matter what mood we were in, our team was hooked in.

The night felt like a bonding session. A one on one with Hiromi if you will. Not many artists can touch you on such a personal and intimate level and that’s exactly what she did (again).

Lucky for us New Yorkers, Hiromi seems to visit often which means the opportunities to see her are relatively plentiful. What we’re telling you is take advantage!  We can’t wait for the next one.