New Yorkers are resilient. We’re pretty sure that after all of this, we can say that we’ve been through it all. We’ll make it through and one day soon, laugh about how we almost lost our minds sitting in our small apartments. For now, though, we just need to push through and get to the other side. It’s more of a mental game as most of us are confined without much to do except hopefully work and hear bad news as our economy crumbles. At New York Events, we have a zero doom and gloom policy. We won’t have it.

Our team will be the first to admit that it’s not easy and definitely a conscious effort we all make. However, we understand that this is something that we’re all going through and will pass eventually. In the meantime, we are staying busy. As you know, we love to eat here. Restaurants and food are a passion for our team, and we won’t let no virus take that away from us. That is why, we upped our cooking game!

We are fortunate to live in a city filled with tough and brave residents who are going to work in our grocery stores and bodegas while we have this pandemic attacking our city. The fact that we have access to delicious food and ingredients coupled with access to the internet, we are able to experiment and refine our culinary skills. Oh, we should also mention that liquor stores have been deemed ‘essential’ so wine will be poured and enjoyed (even if the meal is subpar).  If you’re like us and always talking about how you have to ‘cook more at home’ or maybe even made a New Years Resolution to do so, there is no better time. In fact, all we have is time at this point. Maybe you can’t invite your friends over for a dinner party yet, but this period will certainly allow you to refine your skills!