These days when you hear the word ghost, you don’t think of Halloween. It’s when you’re talking or hanging with someone you probably like a little bit and then…well you know the rest. Gone are the days when you think of Casper when you hear the word ghost. That is all about to change.

With the pandemic came a different way of life and between now and whenever this nightmare ends, we’ll likely land somewhere between what we’re experiencing now and the good old days (aka February 2020). What that looks like nobody knows. The laundry list of bad things that happened during this pandemic is not worth discussing. We know it. However, what we have experienced is newfound creativity. What we mean by that is how people do things. The way they get around, work, play and generally live their life.

As you know, we are spending more time at home than ever before. We’re hoping that changes with the restaurants inching their capacity back but, in the meantime, it looks like we’ll be having dinner and cocktails right here in our small spaces. And hey, you’re invited!  As we alluded, creativity is driving new business ideas and we have a renewed look at the neighborhood bar for you. We’re not saying this is a permanent solution but its pretty awesome while the going is tough.  Allow us to introduce your new neighborhood bar, Ghost Bar. Not the one you’re thinking of!

“Ghost Bar is an online cocktail bar that offers convenient and fairly-priced cocktails for your mixed-drink needs. The drink menu offers a wide range of selections from classic cocktails, such as Last Word and Sazerac, to creative inventions, like Longest Island—a play on Long Island with Baijiu with complex flavors.” Ghost Bar delivers classic and specialty cocktails through all major delivery platforms, within the hour, to your door. Consider them your new friendly neighborhood bar.  Oh, and their prices are very reasonable! For more information and to place your order, visit