If you’re like members of our team then you probably spent most of the summer slurping down oysters by some body of water. As glorious as it was, the season has unfortunately, come to an end. Officially.  Lucky for us, the weather is still good, and the oysters are still plentiful! And, there’s even a celebration to reinforce the fact!

For the 8th year in a row, New York Oyster Week is back! The event includes a curated collection of original and innovative oyster-centric events paired with raw, cooked and composed oyster dishes paired with beer wine and spirits from creative chefs at elite oyster destinations.  It’s an epic event that includes everything that you love for a great cause!

You’ll have the opportunity to shuck, slurp, taste and toast to the oyster’s importance in New York’s past, present and future. SHELLebrate the history, culture, cuisine, economy and ecology of oysters in The Empire State!  We often forget what great shellfish we have right in our backyard! During Oyster Week, you’ll be able to connect with oyster farmers at various events. And what is all this without a hashtag in 2019?! Tell your friends to learn to #GoShuckYourself!  That ought of get some likes. Show that you #GiveAShuck – as your participation supports sustainable aquaculture and the preservation and restoration of living oyster reefs and habitat in NYC and Long Island.

The party runs through September 29th so make plans to slurp oysters straight out of the shell or learn their role in the ocean’s ecosystem; either way, Oyster Week has an event for you. There’s also a fundraiser for the Billion Oyster Project and their plan to replenish the oyster population in New York harbor by 2035.

Mingle with oyster experts while tasting signature bites and enjoying premium cocktails. Other events include a SHUCKeasy pairing oysters with cocktails, a rare showcase of Mexican oysters and Oystoberfest with all-you-can-drink Radeberger beer.

For more information, visit newyorkoysterweek.com!