We’ll be the first to tell you that we have the post-summer blues. The silver lining for us is that we live in New York where fall is probably the best season of the year here in the city. Everyone is back from summer vacays, we have your mindshare to read whatever nonsense we publish and see you at the events listed right here on New York Events! So in a way, welcome back!

Fall seems to always kick off with Fashion Week. This year is a little different since The Hollywood agency William Morris Endeavor recently acquired IMG, which owns New York Fashion Week. Things should be the status quo for the most part with what seems to be an increased amount of performances happening. We’re not complaining; we’re in for anything that could possibly make a bunch of beautiful people who are fashion forward better!

For example, the design house “Opening Ceremony,” is producing a 30-minute one-act play directed and co-written by Spike Jonze, instead of a show. It’s actually neat for shows moving beyond the tent and off the traditional path. The brands will still be showcasing their pieces but with a twist. Don’t worry, we’ve been promised that there will be traditional shows at Lincoln Center and beyond for those of you who don’t like change.

Finally, what’s a piece on New York Events without mentioning food (yes, we went to the gym this morning)?!

The New York Times Magazine put together a great guide on where to eat and drink; check it out here and be sure to see our Half Price section for great deals this week!