We speak for our entire city when we say goodbye 2020. Good riddance. Arrivederci! We have no interest in ever seeing this year again and never want to deal with what we just dealt with for nearly 12 months.  And while we all know that it wont change overnight, 2021 is expected to be better. We’re still crossing our fingers just in case. While we’re doing that, we never like to miss out on a party and during this time of year, we’re talking about the party of all parties. Yes, it’s amateur night but its so much more than champagne, kisses and crowds. It’s a night of reflection and outlook.

In some ways, New Year’s Eve will not be so different this year We’ll still have champagne, we’ll still have kisses. We’ll reflect and look at all the good we hope to come in the new year. The piece that will be missing and has been missing is the crowds and people.  It’s been the pain of 2020 and we’ll be reminded again on the biggest party night of the year that this is not normal. If you’re like our team, then you’ll continue to fight the fact that we are not getting used to this and chomping at the bit to get back out there with people! Yes, it’s on hold but hell no is this the new normal that we’re willing to accept.

We are not going to list all the places that are hosting champagne toasts at 9pm because that’s not what we are planning to do nor is it something we can get excited for. This is not because we don’t support all the bars and restaurants in the city – WE LOVE YOU. It’s us being real and staying true to our core by offering suggestions that we would want for ourselves.  So, with that being said, we are not the Governor and NOT going to tell you how to spend your New Years Eve.  We are going to wish you the best and can’t wait to party with you soon!

Happy New Year to you and yours and we’ll be sitting next to you at the bar in no time!