You may remember the advertising campaign in 2005 that said ‘Live Your Myth in Greece’. If you don’t remember or weren’t around in 2005, there were images around town with beautiful landscapes of Greek islands that had us drooling as we rode the subway.

Flash forward 10 years and now we get to experience some of what Greece has to offer right here in Manhattan. Elena Maroulleti is producing a concert at New York’s landmark theater, The Kaye Playhouse at Hunter College, on April 17th that you don’t want to miss. Whether you’re Greek or not is not so relevant for this particular show. If you appreciate culture, music, and tradition then you need to see Yannis Kotsiras.

Mr. Kotsiras distinct voice and his ability of bringing together the different representative styles of Greek music, including the popular Rembetika (Greek blues) and Laika (popular folk) make this an extra special show. We can tell you how great he is but there is nothing like experiencing his voice for yourself. Listed below are a couple of YouTube videos that you should watch if you are considering attending the event.

Ms. Maroulleti helped orchestrate Yianni’s first personal performance in the US on April 17th so we’re extra excited for this unique, first time event. Tickets are scarce but if you can manage to get in, we think that you’ll be more than impressed with Yannis voice and the memories you will walk away with.

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