There is no shortage of choices when it comes to picking a cuisine to dine out in New York City. It almost doesn’t matter which neighborhood you’re in as you can taste the world within an arm reach from any street corner in our great city. It’s something that we constantly remind ourselves us and appreciate even more during this pandemic that we are all experiencing. With the ability to eat from any country in the world, we can travel and experience other cultures without leaving our island. And, depending on the weather, we can do it with the flair of the gastronomy we’re indulging.

On the menu this week is a combination of two of our favorites. Both, in countries to visit and food to enjoy. We’re traveling to Greece and Italy this week and its all by way of Yefsi which appropriately means “taste” in Greek, Yefsi is a family owned and operated Greek Mediterranean Seafood restaurant located in the heart of the Upper East Side. They serve everything traditional and have a modern blended cuisine at their neighborhood restaurant. From the moment you walk through the door until your last bite of our authentic Greek dishes, they make their guests feel at home with the friendly, relaxing atmosphere and strong attention to service.  The team at Yefsi believes that Greek dining is as social of an experience as it is a culinary one. Influenced by Chef Christos’ travels throughout the Greek Isles, their seasonal menu over-delivers with the highest quality ingredients, farm-fresh vegetables and carefully selected fish and meat. Satisfy your hunger at dinner with their current favorites like Branzino, Trattada, Osso Bucco and Paella, or one of their Daily Specials, then choose to pair your meal with a nice glass of wine or beer.

This Sunday, November 22nd, the team at Yefsi is changing it up a bit and we all get the benefit! They’re producing an event where Greece meets Italy.  For just $80 per person, Executive Chef and Owner, Christos Christou and Nello Tizzano, an Italian Wine connoisseur will take you through a journey between the two most ancient countries in the Northern Mediterranean: Greece (cuisine) and Italy (wines). The event will have a limited attendance of only 14 people. So, book quick!

The meal includes 4 key Greek food dishes and 4 Key Italian wines (each glass of wine will be 2.5 ounces). Please visit for more information and contact Yefsi Estiatorio 212-535-0292 to book your seat.

We can’t wait to be in Europe with you soon!