Greek American Fashion Show

Fashion Week in NY is perhaps one of the most anticipated bi-annual events to reign over the 212 area code. For seven days people from all over the globe flock to Lincoln Center while making other stops in between. Similar to those who can never get enough of the Big Apple, Fashion week is another reason to fall madly in love with NYC.

 So without further ado, it’s a great pleasure to introduce to you Greek Fashion Week – or we can say Yiasou.

 A typical Friday starts out as normal as it gets until it upgrades to attending this event hosted by the Greek American Foundation. After signing in and taking pictures, we head upstairs for a reception, silent auction and some mingling. Tables filled with delicious bite-sized spinach pies sprinkled with sesame and poppy seeds and trays filled with miniature baklava and other scrumptious sinful delights – catered by Loi Restaurant.

 This is not about the food – so let’s get started on the main reason of our attendance – the Fashion Show.

 The DJ placed in the corner of the studio kicks of the night with warm tunes to jazz up the show. A quick sneak peek in the background salutes the chaos as the models prep for the catwalk.

 Ready! Set! Go!

Nikki Poulos is first in line and showcases her beautiful printed line for next Spring. The women look stunning and the music is the perfect fit for this arrangement.

 Second on deck is Stratton Boulukos – native from Ethos, Greece and well renowned designer takes the stage with his conservative yet playful look on the modern “working woman” – kind of like Audrey Hepburn meets modern day Jackie-O.

 The Dj takes us to a trip down retro lane playing classic Greek music. Simultaneously, the lighting magnify just the right tone to prepare our senses for some pizazz on some classic pieces that we should expect to see in 2014.

 Last but not least, is South African born Angelo Lambrou showcasing his masterpieces for the new season and surprisingly is the closer for the Fashion Show.

 Did someone say something about an after party? Confirmed. Everyone heads down to STIX Mediterranean Grill in Downtown East Manhattan. Food, drinks, music flows through the night as we enjoy the company of new friends. Greek Fashion Week was an experience unlike any other and it’s always a pleasure to meet wholesome people and learn new things in regards to Fashion and Greek culture.

 The entire event was – marvelous indeed and extra set of kudos for superb organization.

 I highly anticipate attending this event in Spring of 2014 to preview for the Fall Collection. In the meantime I can only hope some if not all the the Collection this season make their way into my closet very soon.

 By: Laura M. Artis

T: @Lauraslifeonink