We find that one of the most overlooked or maybe over-saturated type of event in the New York Metropolitan area is comedy shows. Whether people’s appetites have changed or there are too many venues that are unknown but comedy clubs do not seem to get the attention they once did.

There is no data that we are working off of to make these claims but given that we’re an event guide and have some sort of pulse on the street, the interest seems to be less than what it was.

Our team remembers wild outings, laughing our asses off at Caroline’s, Gotham, Dangerfield’s and the Comedy Cellar. Those places still exist! And now they’re being showcased.

You probably do not know yet but after reading this, you will. This week is NYC Comedy Week! What does that even mean? DEALS of course! Yes, 2-for-1 shows and more at your favorite venues. So if it’s been a while, this is a great opportunity to get your friends together, do a little Ha Ha Ha-ing and maybe pour a few beverages for yourselves with the extra funds you saved!

For a rundown of some upcoming headline sets—including New York Comedy Festival shows—along with popular recurring shows and classes, visit nycgo.com.