It’s the season of love (or so they say). Depending on your status, Cupid’s Day will likely have a different meaning for you. Whether you’re in a new relationship and picking out the perfect flowers to impress your valentine or single AF and taking a night off, the day affects us all. Sure, it’s a Hallmark Holiday but its also the start of people coming out of hibernation. They’re certainly not coming out because of the weather but the Holiday lull is starting to dissipate, those credit cards bills are being paid and Omicron feels like its in the rear view mirror. So, with that, we welcome the day no matter how involved (or not) you are!

For us, it’s a great time and perfect excuse to check out a new restaurant or even a time to visit a favorite with your special someone.  Regardless of its reputation as an overly commercialized holiday, is one of the busiest nights of the year for restaurants and they sure need the business with everything that has happened during the pandemic. So, if you don’t do it for the holiday, do it for the restaurant industry! We know we need that in our town!  Many couples looking to celebrate often seek out dimly lit, romantic restaurants. Others want new, trendy spots or a chance to splurge at places where luxury is not the norm but certainly a treat.

Valentine’s Day may get a bad rap but considering how terrible the last two years have been, don’t we deserve a day completely dedicated to treating your lover or even yourself? We sure thing so! February 14th still doesn’t look like what it used to (yet), however, there are still plenty of safe ways to celebrate the holiday and kick off the march to spring. Whether you’re celebrating with your significant other or your BFF, we wish you a Happy V-Day!