Some of us plan for October all year round. We’re on the hunt for our next Halloween costume as soon as November 1st. Looking everywhere for inspiration including politics, pop culture and even Netflix (Joe Exotic 2020?).  Lucky for you Halloween fanatics, this crisis has created a society where we temporarily wear masks. For better or worse, this is our new reality and we have to adapt. And we will do so in a very New York kind of way. This is the city where everyone is welcome and where everyone creates their own path. Artists from all over the world have come here for inspiration. It’s in our DNA and fabric of this city.

Not just limited to your fashionistas (we see you around our streets) but open to everyone. Make your mask yours! The ongoing carnival and one of the most special places in New York (and the world) are hosting an event guaranteed to get your creativity going in these tough times. Coney Island USA has taken a vow to defend the honor of American popular culture. Although it may seem that culture has recently ground to a halt, they don’t see it that way (obviously).

While hearts break for the lives lost and those suffering, it goes without saying that we are all awed by the bravery (and worry about the safety) of those on the front lines. Also recognizing the incredible resilience of the American spirit demonstrated every day in so many different ways. And one of ours and Coney Island’s favorite ways is in the seemingly endless and awesome mask designs that people are creating. In honor of this new culture of homemade masks, Coney Island USA is proud to present the world’s first ever mask design contest which they have titled, Put on a Funny Face. We’re doing what New Yorkers do, improvising and making the best of it.

Coney Island’s celebrity judges will award prizes to the best mask designs. They’ve got quite a few categories, so there are lots of opportunities to win. And unlike their infamous Mermaid Parade judging there will be no bribery or any hanky panky of any kind. Another epic production by a legendary organization. Thank you, Coney Island.

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