People are living longer these days. That’s a fact. Even as our headline suggests, 132 is not that unfathomable with today’s medicine, life expectancy, etc. However, we are not talking about people today. And no, you animal lovers, we are not talking about dog years. This is about the Brooklyn Bridge!

For many of you New York aficionados, you’re probably already aware of the fact that we’ve been celebrating the awesomeness of the Brooklyn Bridge all month. For those that don’t know, welcome to the party and we hope to give you some cool information on the structure.

Unlike today’s times, where the Government creates infrastructure for jobs, etc. the Brooklyn Bridge was developed by a civilian! A powerful civilian but nonetheless, a civilian. John Roebling is the man we are referring to; he was a government engineer in the German province of Westphalia. An immigrant with a vision and not much notoriety by today’s standards.

For that reason, we celebrate ‘Roebling’s Brooklyn Bridge’. There was no Twitter, Facebook or New York Events in his day so while we’re late to the party, we are still celebrating in Mr. Roebling’s honor.

If you haven’t walked the Brooklyn Bridge or haven’t one it in a while, you ought to check it out. If this piece doesn’t inspire you, then hopefully the pizza on the other side does.