With more than half the year complete, we enter some of the most fun months. This is the season most of us look forward to all year. In fact, we were probably talking about ‘this summer’ since last Labor Day Weekend. We even remember discussing the warm weather during some of our Holiday festivities.

The time is here, and the time is now. Let’s make the most of it. Summer is in full swing; the mid-summer classic is a week away and our calendars are filling up (or overbooked).  If you’re like most of us New Yorkers, that means lots of weekends away including the stressful Thursday night packing and standard weekend traffic. We all complain but we all do it.

America is celebrating its birthday this week which means that everyone is fleeing our island like the plague has arrived. They’re traveling to beaches, mountains and anywhere that is not New York City.  While the city empties out for great reasons, there are plenty of things to do here! And, with less crowds!

During these rare periods, the city is all yours. That means no difficult restaurant reservations, no lines at museums and plenty of places to lay your blanket in Central Park. It’s New York the way we wish it always was. Chill.  Oh, and this week, there are fireworks. Like awesome, big productions, world class fireworks.

What are we talking about? The Macy’s fireworks of course! This year marks the 43rd time that Macy’s has hosted this spectacular event. The 4th of July Fireworks are set to Launch From the Brooklyn Bridge. The fireworks last launched from the Brooklyn Bridge in 2014. 

The fireworks will be set off starting at 9:20 PM on four barges stationed along the East River between Broad Street and the Brooklyn Bridge. There will be over 70,000 individual effects being launched and among this year’s treats is a 1600-foot-long waterfall of fireworks “burst from the span between the large towers of the Brooklyn Bridge” and new effects like “Wolf Whistle,” “Little Snakes,” “Hidden Happy Faces,” “Revolving Dragons” and “Multicolor Meteor Mines.”

As for where to watch, any place with a clear view of the river including five official elevated viewing spots on the FDR:

Broad Street & Water Street

Pearl Street & Dover Street

Robert F Wagner Sr. Place & St. James Place

Pearl Street & St. James Place

Montgomery & Cherry St.

You can also access the Lower Promenade with the following entry points: Pike Slip & Cherry Street, and Market Street & Cherry Street.

You can also watch on NBC and the telecast will also feature performances by Luke Bryan, Ciara, Derek Hough, Khalid, Maren Morris, and Brad Paisley. The score for the fireworks this year will be classic cinema themes and Jennifer Hudson will sing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” live.

Yes, this is a big deal. And, for a good reason. Happy Birthday America!