While we’re months away from New Year’s Eve, 2021 has been feeling all sorts of brand new lately. Between the easing of restrictions and reopening of venues, live events being back and our streets once again busy with people, we feel like New York is back! With that, we are eager to get back to some of the traditions that we know and love around town. This time of year is the time to celebrate our resilient country and all that she has to offer. There is no better place to do that than New York City and Macy’s has always been the right people to do that for us.

The Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks will officially make a comeback this week. On Sunday, July 4, beginning at 9:25pm, over 65,000 shells will be launched off five different barges on the East River. The extravaganza will last 25 minutes and feature, according to Macy’s itself, “dozens of colors and shapes, creating dramatic effects a mile across the river and from 1,000 feet in the air to the water’s edge.”

Our favorite department store makes Thanksgiving and The Fourth of July special to us and the army of people that travel from everywhere to see the shows they produce because there’s nowhere else in the world that can do what we do and with the best host, Macys.  There are plenty of places to watch the show – from pulling your car over, walking to a viewing spot on the river or dining at a waterfront restaurant. The experience will be magical and filled with all sorts of ‘oooo’s’ and ‘ahhhs’.  An affair for the family, date night or just being a patriot.  New York is back and Macys put their seal on it. We cannot wait to celebrate our nations independence in a way that only New York can produce!

For more information, visit https://www.macys.com/social/fireworks/