Our birthday is not until October so hold the fireworks…Not so fast! As you are all probably aware, this is a short week. Our office has a countdown on the wall — by the minute. Summer weekends always seem to be a reason to celebrate but when there’s an extra day thrown in, heck it’s a party! Especially when it’s for ‘Merica!

It would be un-American for you not to realize that this weekend is our country’s birthday and a reason to take a day off and BBQ, sun tan and watch fireworks! Unfortunately, buying our own is illegal and unless we’re willing to take the risk and buy them out of someone’s trunk or in the back of some deli in Chinatown, we’re probably watching someone else blast off fire in the sky.

When relying on someone else to put on a show, why not rely on the experts of all experts of showmanship — Macy’s! The annual 4th of July fireworks show will take place on the East River in TWO locations. Yes, two places! Twenty five minutes of madness will be happening on a double barge will be placed just south of the Brooklyn Bridge, around the same area as last year’s show, and four additional barges will sit between East 23rd and East 42nd Streets.

There are a ton of rooftop bars and private cruises that are more than happy to overcharge you for a view but that are not completely necessary. This can be an awesome, FREE way to enjoy an epic event in New York City! Celebrate New York and celebrate America!