Ahh it’s that time of year already. It feels like we’ve been hungover for the past month yet mustering up energy for one more seems like cakework. One more party, one more celebration. Just one more time!

So cliche but what’s our alternative? Stay in and watch the ball drop all alone in our boxers with our cat in our lap? Doesn’t sound so bad? That’s another story.

Yes, a lot of us force ourselves to have fun and a lot of the time it is fun. Some of us are the ones doing the forcing. But, what issue are we pushing? Where are you getting your information from? Is it trusted? Is it from New York Events? Well…

We’ve done gone hooked you up! We put together our list of parties and dinners and shenanigans ranging from comedy to circus acts. Check out everything we have to offer at www.eventguide.co.

Don’t worry last minuters, you still have time. Now, tell your friends! Tell your friends!