Summer is about to unofficially start. It doesn’t seem that long ago when we celebrated Labor Day Weekend and began counting down the days to ‘next summer’. Well, that time has come, and it looks and feels extremely different than the summer we left off in 2019. Yes, the weather has begun to warm up, the flowers have sprung, and everything is looking a little greener than usual. However, we are still on lockdown ready to burst out (at least we are). In some ways, these times take us back to the days when we were in school waiting for the long break. All cooped up inside a classroom ready to go outside and play! The feeling is similar in the sense that we can’t be excited to hit the outdoor restaurants and beach clubs (yet) but for the simplicity of enjoying the outdoors.

It’s basic in many ways and relieving as we have been through a touch stretch until now. This weekend kicks off the season where we’ll start living outdoors. That means hopefully bringing the laptop outside and working outside and firing up the grill, cooking and eating outside.  The kickoff won’t have the backyard filled with guests, but it will have the same symbolism and right now, that is enough for us. So, are you gear up for the long weekend (are there still weekends) and put your mask on to get to the grocery store and stock up on hot dogs, hamburgers and plenty of beer, remember that this is the beginning? We are looking at Memorial Day Weekend as a fresh start. It feels like 2020 never took off so we’re using this time to live outdoors and be free as a way to kick off our year that has kept us inside for longer than we wanted to. With that, we wish you a Happy Unofficial Summer Kickoff!