It’s a day that appears on everyone’s calendar and we can all tell you where we were 13 years ago during the incidents and attacks of 9-11. While we find ways to deal with it today through charities, fundraisers, half-mast flags, memorials, etc. the pain is still there.

We lost innocent people and brave first responders because of these attacks. I don’t believe in celebrating the day but I think that it’s important that we recognize what happened, do not forget what happened and learn from the horrific events.

Being in New York is a wonderful place to be on 9-11. You’ll see what a resilient city this is and how we pull together in difficult times. Yes, we are New Yorkers and do not have time for anything…Except when it matters. The way we pulled together and the progress we made in 13 years is a testament to New York and the people who live here. I won’t try to speculate what other parts of the country would do since we’re all Americans but I would like to recognize the people of our great city.

One of the ways to really engrain yourself in the day is by visiting the museum which is now open to the public. I urge you to go visit and remember closely what happened.

Let me reiterate, NEVER Forget.