@ Terroir Murray Hill – 439 Third Avenue

Here’s a fun fact about Paul Grieco, co-owner of heavy-hitting wine bar Terroir: He loves heavy metal. As a result, Mondays at the bar are dedicated to dark and gothic tunes, with drink specials such as $14 glasses of mead (bonus points if you order the Danish GI. Dansk Mjød by name) and $2 sherry shots (La Cigarrera, Los Arcos, Alfonso). For the beer-inclined there are Terroir Bombs—a riff on the Irish Car Bomb comprising ten ounces of North Coast Golden or Empire Amber Ale slammed with a shot of Fino sherry or Henriques & Henriques Madeira. Patrons are encouraged to dress for the occasion, so wear that band T-shirt, leather vest or studded bracelet with pride.

For more information please contact info@wineisterroir.com