Is there such a thing as too many choices? Our gluttonous team at New York Events would argue no under almost any circumstance (especially if we’re talking about food and booze). While we couldn’t have enough on Friday night, we almost regretted the fact that we couldn’t breathe properly.

Just like all Village Voice events, we were presented with tons of samples and choices at Choice Eats on Friday, March 13th. And, just like we always do, we tried EVERYTHING! We are not kidding; we took our container and managed to stop at every booth at Metropolitan Pavilion!

We would love to give you our favorite but it’s impossible; actually, we probably couldn’t even narrow it down to our top 3 since everything was that delicious! Some of the highlights of the overall event (again, not our personal favorites) included Luke’s Lobster which ran out of their shrimp dish so thank you Village Voice for giving us early access! We also loved Ovelia Psistaria and will definitely be making a trip to Astoria, Queens to check out the rest of their menu. We should also mention that we spent quite a bit of time with the desserts and the Doughnut Plant was out of sight!

The best part about this event is that there are names that you recognize, including restaurants you may not have the chance to get to but know the name and then there are places you never heard of. Choice Eats opens up our palettes, introduces us to the people who make the magic and just increased the restaurant part of our to-do list tenfold!

As expected, the Village Voice put together a fabulous roster of restaurants that represented over 35 nations and had a line of hungry patrons ready to break the door down!

We’ve been attending for some years now and the improvements have been a treat to eat and to watch and experience. We cannot wait to see what they have up their sleeve for the Ninth Choice Eats! If you don’t understand why we’re counting down the days, check out some of these photos from the event!