The end of summer and recent heat wave has our team grumpy. The silver lining is a long weekend and the best months in New York City on the horizon. It feels like every year where we reach this point of summer. The realization that it’s just about over and we didn’t accomplish. From the list of books we wanted to finish to the functions we wanted to attend and events we hope to plan.

It may be too late to plan anything but an impromptu BBQ this weekend but we recommend using the time to think about upcoming fall events and of course, the Holiday Season which will surely creep up on all of us. One of the thoughts that you may wish to consider is the prospect of hosting an event on a long holiday weekend. Right off the bat, we can think of a few – Columbus Day, Veterans Day and even the day AFTER Thanksgiving. Yes, many people make plans for these days off. The goal would be to get your invites out early!

Why host an event on a holiday weekend? There are several reasons that you may oversee due to the office closing.

1. Flexibility. People have off! This gives you the flexibility of hosting an affair the night before since most people aren’t working the next day. Now you can do something on a Sunday without having to make it a brunch event.

2. Price. Since most people share your sentiment, your bargaining power is greater on these dates. Negotiate, negotiate and negotiate. Venues will likely be quiet while people run out of the city.

3. Theme. You want to be the host. Now you have a reason. Do it!

Now that we’ve convinced you to host an affair on an ‘off night’, give us a call to figure out where! In fact, we can walk you through these three items and more. We’ll brainstorm and most important, save you money all at the low price of ZERO!

With that, Happy Labor Day!