For all of us animal lovers and you PETA folks, our beloved Mayor is listening. Mayor de Blasio unveiled his Bill to ban horse-drawn carriages. For some of us, it reminds us of Home Alone, for others, it’s been a part of the fantasy New York dream. It’s a staple here, especially during the holidays. Heck, some people are probably even planning a proposal on them!

Unlike other New York staples that continue to disappear due to high rents, changing laws, etc. this one is probably for the best. For the horses, the traffic, and our noses!

Don’t worry you helpless romantics, you have some time to get your ride. The Bill prohibits the use of horse-drawn carriages throughout the city by the middle of 2016. That gives you this holiday season and next…Or the summer, if you’re into stenches.

We’re part happy for obvious reasons but can’t help being part sad that the landscape and scenery of New York changes again. Maybe that’s what makes this damn city so great!