As New Yorkers, we feel that we are always on a quest. Whether it’s to find the newest something, the oldest something or that thing that no one else knows about. We’re always on the hunt. In fact, that is how this website began and grew to the place you come to find the nooks and crannies around our streets. Consistent with our efforts, we bring you St. Vincent’s Project: Novenas for a Lost Hospital. This ‘event’ falls under the ‘Theatre’ category but is so much more.

Saint Vincent’s Project: Novenas for a Lost Hospital is a piece of history packaged in a play inspired by those who dedicated their lives to care and those who were lost. Guided by Elizabeth Seton of the Sisters of Charity, this piece theatrically explores the 161-year history of St. Vincent’s Hospital. This is not only a play about a New York institution and the neighborhood around it but rather what we all experience in New York — the ever changing landscape and people that surround our corners. And, what is all of this mean without some history? The hospital closed in 2010, the last Catholic medical center in Manhattan. The story is written by Cusi Cram, and stars Kathleen Chalfant and pays tribute to the impact of St. Vincent’s Hospital.

Fast forward to modern day; the loss of St. Vincent’s Hospital poses a deep problem for the neighborhood and the city itself. There is no longer a single hospital in operation on the west side of Manhattan from the lower tip of the island to 59th Street. In a city where everything seems like a quick cab ride away, this is very unusual and scary should a problem come up.

It all goes down at The Rattlestick Playwrights Theater; however, the St. Vincent’s Project is currently sold out, but come get on the WAIT LIST! The team anticipates many people getting in each night. For more information and tickets, check out!