2014 NYC IMATS Convention

2014 NYC IMATS Convention

Makeup is a science.  Anyone could create a lipstick and slap a snazzy-looking label on it.  At IMATS that is not nearly enough to get you to stand out.  IMATS (International Make-Up Artist Trade Show) prides itself on picking the best when it comes to various cosmetic companies.  The fact that the show only uses the best probably contributes to the large crowds it draws during the two days it is open to the public (as well as one day for pro-card holders).  Makeup is not something that is taken lightly by these folks.  You could be standing in line alongside one of the most famous makeup artists in the world.

When I heard IMATS was coming to town yet again (it’s an annual show in New York, as well as various other locations), I had to do my best to attend.  I love makeup.  I love discovering new products and companies.  One of the greatest feelings is opening a new tube of lipstick or that “pop” you get when you open a new mascara.  Everyone has their obsession, and makeup is mine.  I was especially excited to attend due to NYX having one of the largest booths.  NYX is a company based in California who prides themselves on maintaining drugstore prices while giving you department store quality.  With their massive-size booth came a massive line.  Everything was marked down in price and everyone was given a handy plastic bin to toss their goodies into.  I may or may not have bought the entire Butter Lipstick collection (okay, yes, I bought every shade).

Another major brand that was in attendance was Stila.  Stila is a very well-known brand for those who frequent Sephora.  They had a bunch of new products available for purchase, along with some newer items.  They had a very organized booth and their staff was amazing with how they handled such a large crowd.  The largest line, however, truly belonged to Lime Crime.  Lime Crime is another cosmetic brand that has a bunch of funky lipstick shades.  Their booth was absolutely adorable.  One brand that was new to me was Alexa Persico Cosmetics.  Alexas Persico is a lady in her early twenties who knows what women want when it comes to makeup.  She specializes in pigments, lip glosses, and various other cosmetics that promise great staying power.  I purchased a few pigments since they are always a blast to play with and I was blown away by how down to earth she was.

Kryolan also made an appearance at the show.  They are currently in the process of opening a store in Manhattan and were displaying most, if not all, of their items.  They specialize in many special effects cosmetics, as well as the usual standbys.  Special effects cosmetics popped up all over this show.  I would make a left turn and see someone being airbrushed into a beautiful creature.  Makeup is amazing.  The possibilities are endless when you have the right tools.  Speaking of tools, Royal and Langnickel also had a large booth where they were selling their fabulous makeup brushes.  Remember everyone, your makeup is only as good as the tools you use to apply it.

OCC (Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics) is another brand that I have been following for quite a while.  Their booth was also very organized and consisted of many of their fabulous items, including their famous Lip Tar.  Lip Tar sounds rather intimidating considering it’s a cosmetic, but it is one of the best lip products one can purchase.  Its staying power is intense.  While browsing the various booths, I came across Tat-2-U.  They specialize in products that you can not only use on your face but also on your hair.  Want a purple streak in your locks for the weekend and wash it out before work on Monday?  Tat-2-U is the place for YOU!  Sigma had the second largest line from what I could see.  They are another great brand that specialize in various types of cosmetics.  If you were still on the hunt for brushes, Bdellium Tools was there to save the day.  Inglot and Makeup Forever also were in attendance and selling nearly all of their amazing cosmetics.  For those who are into airbrushing, Temptu Pro was on hand with their systems and cosmetic refills.

IMATS is truly the place to be when it comes to cosmetics and the tools used to apply them.  One could easily spend hours, if not both full days, exploring and learning about various items.  Seminars were constantly taking place, where famed makeup artists would display their work on models.  Makeup is not only about having fun, it’s also about educating yourself.  Knowledge is power.  I cannot wait to attend the show next year and purchase additional items for a much lower cost than in the store and/or online.  The deals here are fabulous, everyone is friendly, and I guarantee you will not leave empty-handed.  Oh, and don’t worry if you get tired or hungry.  There are two cafes to fill you up during your stay.  Happy spending!

-Kristy Rody (www.quinngoldie.wordpress.com)