It’s summer and the outdoor suggestions and write ups are flowing here at New York Events. In fact, every day each one of our employees is required to make an outdoor suggestion to our group. While we haven’t found an efficient way to work outdoors and bring you the content we bring, we are working on it. That’s not to say we don’t have fun while working.

This installment discusses one of Long Island’s Prides and Joys (there are a few). We know that Long Island has beaches and we know that they are fairly accessible from the city and through public transportation (although sandy feet on a bus and train kind of sucks). We have beaches and we probably take them for granted.

One of the more famous beaches around here is Jones Beach. Granted, it’s not the Mediterranean but it’s a beach and a place to cool off and show our muscles. In addition to the sand and waves, there are other activities in the complex and awesome things to do such as the Jones Beach Theater. They play host to a ton of awesome summer concerts and if you haven’t checked the schedule, we have a suggestion for you!

Remember Incubus? Remember the Deftones? Well, they have joined forces and kicked off a 2015 Tour! And, as our piece suggested, they’re stopping by the Jones Beach Theater on Wednesday, August 5th!

Deftones and Incubus both took the alt-metal genre to a whole new level in the late ’90s and early 2000s, and now you can see them together when they co-headline this epic summer tour. Grammy Award-winners Deftones have roots in heavy metal, but their diverse influences can be heard on multi-platinum albums like Adrenaline and White Pony. Featuring a skilled scratching DJ and singer Brandon Boyd’s soaring vocals, Incubus is similarly ambitious, encompassing musical genres from alt-rock to funk and hip-hop to electro, evident on their multiple No. 1 singles, including “Drive,” “Megalomaniac” and “Anna Molly.” Deftones is working on a new studio album due for release later this year, and Incubus recently dropped the first of two planned EPs, Trust Fall. Death From Above 1979 and The Bots open all dates of the tour.

As you are well aware, we have deals and steals and this show is included! Check out our Half-Price Ticket Section to get seats for $25 or less! Now that’s a steal!