Our town has a lot to offer from everywhere you can imagine. We have the best of the best on this island. It comes from the amazing people here but also from where they come from. It’s what makes New York the city that it is. The melting pot of everything just spilled all over this island for us to enjoy. That comes in different shapes in sizes including art, theater and of course, food. Probably our favorite subject to write about and favorite activity to partake. We are thrilled to learn that the world renowned Taiwanese chain Din Tai Fung is opening its first NYC location!

This is a big deal as the Michelin-starred restaurant is bringing its famed xiao long bao to Midtown next year. Sure, we have to wait a little while longer to enjoy but it will certainly be worth it! If you traveled out west, then you may know the spot. If you only heard the myth, you’ll soon recognize that its true!

The highly-acclaimed Taiwan-based restaurant chain recently signed a 15-year lease covering approximately 26,400 square feet to open a Midtown location of its Michelin Star-rated restaurant at 1633 Broadway—a 48-story, 2.5 million square foot office tower between 50th and 51st Street. They’re coming in strong! And we can’t wait! If you’re not convinced yet, maybe their story will seal the deal. It’s the New York dream really. They started as a small shop in Taiwan during the 1950s selling cooking oil with homemade soup dumplings on the side, the business eventually shifted solely to food and the restaurant is now a global brand renowned for their xiao long bao: steamed soup dumplings with a variety of fillings. “Throughout our journey from a mom-and-pop restaurant founded in Taiwan during the 1950s into an international brand, we have insisted on maintaining a standard of quality that has served us well,” says Aaron Yang, Vice President of Din Tai Fung, in a press release.

It’s what we all dream of and ready for the new addition to our food scene! For more information, visit dintaifungusa.com.