So, you want to be a part of the show, be involved, and have a say but way too afraid to get on stage? We get that. I mean, we get pee shy so we can only imagine what it’s like to get on stage! They say that more people fear public speaking than death. We may or may not all into that category.

Some of the best public ‘speakers’ may actually be comics. Not only are they speaking in public and overcoming the populous’ number one fear, but they are putting themselves out there night after night. They have no idea what kind of crowd they’re walking in to, no insight on to whether or not the room will be filled and on top of all that, the comedy venues are not always the nicest. Think of performing in your poorly lit basement. Oh and by the way, sometimes you’re just not ‘on’ so comedians have to deal with that.

Now, let’s take everything we talked about and mix it all up — us wanting to be involved in show biz, public speaking and comedy. What do we get? Improv, of course! One of our favorite styles of comedy. If you haven’t experienced an improv show, you are totally missing out and need to be a part of the show immediately, if not sooner!

These fast minded, witted comics take off the cuff ideas from the crowd (YOU) and make you laugh until you cry. These comics deal with all of the factors and forces previously mentioned and often use it as ammo to make YOU laugh with YOUR material!

Our recommendation for comedy is The Awooga Comedy Hour which happens at the Peoples Improv Theater at 123 East 24rd Street. The quality of comics is top notch including performers include Steve Disienna, Phoebe Robinson, Julio Torres and Anthony P. DeVito. We’re pretty sure you’ll become an improv addict after the show. We try to do some improv in our offices but shoes just wind up flying across the room.

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