Summer is around the corner and many of us are planning our summer getaways.  Even though it’s summer in New York, a lot of you still go to where it’s summer elsewhere.  Unless it’s an island, we say why bother.  And even traveling to an island can be done here.  Yes, we know, Manhattan is an island and no, this is not some ploy to tell you about all of the awesome summer events in the city.  We’ll be writing about those soon.

This piece is to let you know that the island we often forget about and is largely responsible for why many of you are here is getting even better! We’re talking about Ellis Island! Most of you probably have a line to someone who crossed through and even if you don’t or can’t find that line, the island is worth make the trip to. Heck, make it part of your summer island hopping plans!

If you need a little push, we may have something for you. Over the next month, the museum is updating the story of the Story of Immigration in America which will include new galleries and stories. They’re revamping the museum to reflect periods beyond their existence (1892 to 1954). It’s a refresher and for us, it’s likely more relevant which means there’s probably never been a better time to go visit!

One of the neat things you can do before visiting and search your family names to see when they came through. It’s an awesome experience and will make you smarter about who you are!

To do the search and learn more, visit