As you know (and often forget), we are on an island. Perhaps the most special island in the world. The island is celebrated and visited by many. The reasons are plentiful but not defined. On Saturday, we had a very specific reason to visit an island. Well, not exactly an island but an event called Pig Island. There were pigs and there were humans and what we experienced did not look good for the piggies.

The event was epic. How many times can you get all the pulled pork you can handle and pick up an Ikea desk on the way home? How many events do you attend with FREE transportation with scenic views from THE RIVER?! Yes, this year was exceptional.

For the 6th straight year, Jimmy Carbone, the producer of Pig Island, New York City’s definitive annual pork fest pulled off another special event! It wasn’t held on Governors Island so maybe it was not an official ‘Island event’, the 2015 installment of the pork fest on Pig Island was held at Erie Basin Park in Brooklyn.

The 2015 event included over 20 chefs serving up specialty pork dishes made from pork sourced locally from Flying Pigs Farms. Pig Island’s mission is to support NY State farmers by purchasing heritage hogs with proceeds from the event going directly to support NY farmers.

There was beer (Sixpoint) but before you could even catch a buzz, you were full from places like Arrogant Swine, Ovelia, Sotto 13, Northern Spy among others. The official judges for the event really enjoyed:

Fleisher’s Craft Butchery with Kurt Michael Friese of Devotay Iowa City (Chilaquiles) – Sexy Puerco
Jocelyn Guest and Erika Nakamura of The Breslin (Ham & Swiss Sausage) – Abe Froman Award
Ed Cotton of Sotto 13 (Pork Butt Corn Dogs) – Cornhole Money Shot
John Ratliff of Ends Meat (Pork Nuggets, Bratwurst, Spreadable Pork) – Hat Trick
Neuman’s Kitchen (7 Deadly Sins) – What’s in the Box?
Pig Guy NYC Thomas Perone (Cherry Dipped Bacon) – Bust My Cherry
Michael Jenkins and Butter (Pork Bellly S’mores) – Al Green’s Let’s Get it On
Jesse Jones (Pork Taco) – Juicy Tang
Ovelia Psistaria (Rotisserie Pork) – Lifetime Achievement Award
Bill Kooper of Route 66 (Smoked Pork Lettuce Wraps) – Diet Delight

While the event was epic (as always), the location kicked it up a notch! Spacious, green, and beautiful are the only words to describe what we experienced at Pig Island 2015.

Next year’s event is a while away but we suggest marking your calendars immediately! This is special!

Can’t wait to see you there!