We all love party games for one reason or another. Some like it to break the ice (or awkwardness of a group), some like it to compete, and some just use it as an excuse to get drunk. We’re in there somewhere.

Since our office is always a party and we’re always playing games, we get bored from time to time of the standard Kings, Cards Against Humanity and Trivial Pursuit. Sometimes we want something more involved. Like a poker game without the poker. What are we talking about? A Murder Mystery, of course!

If you don’t know what a Murder Mystery is, we’ll tell you. It’s a party game wherein one of the partygoers is secretly, and unknowingly, playing a murderer and the other attendees must determine who among them the criminal is. Sounds pretty awesome, right? It’s a ton of fun but how about when we put it on stage and make it a romantic thriller?

You should be excited by the thought because we’re talking about The Perfect Crime! It’s a show that meets Murder Mystery and has audiences guessing with its comic, romance-filled take on the whodunit, making it the longest-running non-musical play in New York City history.

One of the shows stars, Catherine Russell even earned a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records for this show. If we haven’t convinced you, then maybe the price will. We are offering a 50% discount on the tickets in our Half Price Ticket Section.

Get in the Valentine’s Day spirit and check this show out. You will NOT be disappointed!