2020 has felt like a blur. The ball dropped on January 1st, we partied, looked forward to everything the year had coming our way and then it was all wiped out when our world turned upside down. With everything going on, the first half of the year passed us by, and we haven’t caught our breath. We’re making a calculated and concerted effort to take a time out and celebrate our Dad.  We suggest that you do the same.

While the usual Father’s Day activities will be tough this year with social distancing and waiting for our city to re-open, we can table the baseball game until 2021 (or hopefully later this year). We often like to get creative but this time we’re going with the basics. Some good, old fashioned family bonding time with pops. Maybe find a park to toss a football, a place to grill his favorite meal or just share a beer over a zoom call if you can’t be with him.

We’ve all been through a lot and we are looking forward to something familiar and a tradition to hang our hat on. The New York weather godds seem to be coorperating so its looking like a solid weekend to spend outside.  If you need some recommendations, we suggest checking out any of our great parks here in town. If you have a car and willing to travel, this would be a great time to head out east to some of the wonderful beaches that our state has. Many of them have BBQ grills and tables set up to host a family affair. Put your mask on, head to the grocery store and butcher shop for some delicious meats and don’t forget to stop by your local beer store to bring Dad a socially distanced tradition that makes him feel like home.