Fifty Shades of Gay-Album Cover

“I know I belong to the world not because of my talent or beauty, but because I never belonged to anyone or anything,” and with that said I introduce to you his Highness King I’Wante Diamond. A few hours before I’Wante’s comedy release party, he and I arrange a quick exclusive phone interview. After a few moments of trying to be serious, the remainder of the conversation fills up with endless laughter in between each question. I’Wante studied comedy and acting and after a few trials in the business, he found his niche in improvisation and later integrated comedy and music and voila, we find ourselves at the current moment. An epic warning for those who might get offended, truth be told, I’Wante does not shy away from pushing the envelope past its limits, so tread with caution but with an open mind as well.

I’Wante refers to himself as the “Lil Wayne” of comedy. In a track titled “Obama Can You Help Me?” he expresses his concerns and requests that Mr. President Obama legalize marijuana. Some of his other personal favorites from the current premiere album include one titled “I love my A.G’s” and  “Fix your kitchen” which sends out metaphorical messages to women out there to ensure their hair always looks legit and on point.  As if that does not tickle your feathers, I’Wante increases the static with his other favorite track titled “I’ll slap a b***h up.” I promise it is not geared towards promoting assault or degrading women; but rather this links to this joyride called life and while the frustration mounds in our daily practices, I’Wante claims he wants to slap life itself in the face.

We share a moment of laughter and then the interview resumes as I probe deeper into his future ambitions. He aspires to become like the classic and legendary comedians and entertainers such as Kathy Griffin, the late Bernie Mac, Marilyn Monroe, and Joan Rivers. Additionally, he aims to perform at the iconic Apollo Theater, and of course, Madison Square Garden, tour Africa, worldwide, and conquer L.A. If the Universe were kind, he would like to simultaneously occupy the same space and spend some time with heavy hitters Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj as he pushes to become the next Tyler Perry, with his own T.V., show, and business.

For all you single men wondering if I’Wante is seeking a plus one, he is single and ready to mingle. However, in the interim, he is married to his career. If you are that special person, perhaps after all that is said and done you both, according to I’Wante , can settle down in Georgia; but just know he will only say yes if the ring comes from Tiffany’s.  In the meantime, check out his online show at: If you crave more, then please I urge you to get his first comedy album titled 50 shades of Gay,  which is now available on itunes:

By: Laura M. Artis