Who was Jack Smith and why do we care about where he lived? Valid question. Jack Smith was an artist by many accounts; he acted, he produced films and is largely known for being a master photographer. Some call him the founding father of American performance art, as well. Yes, he’s a big deal. And, we get to get a look at his apartment.

Just as neat as the subject is the delivery of this exhibit. The is not your typical art display; the installation is a site specific installation of photographs by artist Uzi Parnes who first met Jack Smith in 1979, soon after beginning to collaborate with him on numerous photo shoots, which both staged and documented Smith’s work, up until his death from AIDS in 1989. It is shown in a series of five street-level windows located at the corner of Broadway and East 10th Street and can be seen 24/7. There is no fee and no time which means no excuses.

In fact, we have talked about where to eat and drink in this area several times so now you have an after hour activity!

The exhibit is unique and interesting and right in line with what we believe here. A New York centric guide giving you a pulse of what’s on the streets. Literally.

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