Monet, Picasso, Manet, Van Gogh, are examples of great artists, and once you think you know them all, along comes Jason Borbay. A native New Yorker, Jason is the newest artist in town creating buzz and earning infinite rounds of applause and recognition in worldwide publications for his amazing artwork. It was an awesome moment to catch up with Jason at his Kick Ass Art Exhibit held at Wix Lounge in Union Square. Echoes of laughter, excitement, endless conversations pierced through the elevator while ascending to the appropriate floor.

The doors swing open and every square inch of the walls are covered with Jason’s creations and his dear supporters. So here is the scoop in case you are wondering what makes Jason stand out from the rest. Jason’s use of the canvas is unlike anything ever manifested while incorporating collages and embeds exquisite detail in each piece. However, pay attention and do not be afraid to scrutinize each lapel, set of lips, ears, clothing, in each piece because it’s incredible how he utilizes cool objects for each item.

Jason is known for painting famous people in the spotlight include Uma Thurman, Johnny Depp, Justin Theroux, Jay Z, Morgan Freeman and much more and he is a master at his craft. During the exhibit, spending an abundance of time viewing one portrait before moving on to the next is common. His fan base gathers around to wait for their turn to experience the showcase and appreciate the work via different vantage points.

Additionally, to the naked eye it seems easy as pie, however, Jason confesses some of his work consumes and ranges from eight days to an entire month for the finished product. Jason has been featured in Forbes, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and remains humble while mingling with guests that continue to pour in masses. It is highly recommended to experience Jason’s work in person if possible and for more information on his upcoming appearances check out his website:

By: Laura M. Artis