On Tuesday, Jun. 25, in the scorching 90 degree weather, atop the roof of Manhattan’s downtown Bar 13, which spectacles a partial view of New York City’s skyline — convened the authors of the popular serial stories website — JukePop Serials.

JukePop Serials’ founder and CEO Jerry Fan, along with Editor Jodi Crozer were also in attendance. Both Jerry and Jodi are highly optimistic about the future of JukePop Serials saying the site’s readership is growing by the minute — “there’s nowhere to go but up,” says Jerry.

JukePop Serials has sparked the attention of avid online fiction aficionados who can access chapters from their personal computers or download them directly to their devices — a free JukePop Serials eBook Reader app is available for download on iTunes.

JukePop’s web site offers a clean and simple tabulated design for easy site navigation — chapter pages are not disrupted by distracting pop-ups, ads or announcements — providing the reader with a non-intrusive reading experience.

“I feel honored to be part of the evolving mechanism which JukePop has created,” said the eccentric Dean Moses, author of the popular 14 chapter serial ‘Money Matters’— the story about a war veteran turned bank robber.  Dean, who sported a black bandanna with long flowing white hair, and a Hollywood red carpet ensemble — has gathered 680 votes and continues to climb.

Mike Rosenzweig, currently with 760 votes and the author of The Metal Bodyguard’ — a serial about a man with a half-metal face hired to be the bodyguard of a young prince.

Mike expressed his appreciation for being part of the growing serial stories site, saying, “I am happy to be represented by JukePop Serials — it is a great opportunity for writers like me.”

Kevin A.M. Lewis, author of ‘Metal Shadow Prelude,’ going strong with 29 chapters and 279 votes — a story enveloped in fantasy about the sought after Winter Queen, brings a vivid read in this cross-genre action packed story that keeps its readers coming back for more.

“I just feel lucky that my passion for writing is being appreciated and published by JukePop Serials — this is exciting,” said Kevin, with an ear to ear smile.

The recently published 4 chapter serial ‘Chronicles of an Alcholic’ is gaining momentum with 27 votes. Author Danny Contreras takes his readers through the chronicles of a troubled man who remembers drinking since his infant years, as he struggles to fit all the pieces back into his life’s puzzle.

“It took me 2 attempts, and almost a year before I was accepted as a JukePop Serials author — when I received the congratulatory acceptance email from Editor Jodi Crozer, I jumped out of my writing chair,” said Danny.

With 404 votes and 30 chapters ‘The Cloud Elders,’ is Rob Young’s action-adventure cross-genre serial about powerful cloud elder beings which battle to preserve the human race. Rob also hosts a YouTube series called ‘Hitting Rock Bottom’

“JukePop gave me a great opportunity for my work to be seen,” said Steve Ahlquist, whose t-shirt with a funny Superman-like hero splashed across his chest explains his fascination for the action genre. He is the author of ‘Wonder Heroes 4.0,’ with 38 chapters and a whopping 3,972 votes. Go Steve!

It takes talent to continue serial stories which keep its audiences returning for more — JukePop Serials has the talent — on Tuesday evening they came together not only as authors but as a team of friends.