In a world where people are all over the world, working remotely and reporting to the mother-ship, it’s hard to get people together. Given the challenges associated with this, paying for larger spaces is hard to justify. Hence, the popularity of WeWork, The Yard, Regus and other virtual co-working spaces.  WeWork is the most valuable VC-backed Company in the state of New York for a reason. It’s efficient!  The only problem is, what happens when the whole team is together for those rare meetings and WeWork cannot accommodate you?

Finding space to host meetings is not the problem. Doing so for an affordable price is where the issues lie. The hotels in town have great spaces but finding one that won’t break your budget could be a challenge. We receive many calls from event coordinators looking for a space just for a meeting — no frills. Sometimes, all  you need is a conference table, some chairs, a screen to present a Powerpoint and a private setting without distractions. This is possible for a reasonable price.

Some ideas to consider when planning your meeting is the date and time. For example, a business meeting on a Friday afternoon will cost less than a business meeting room earlier in the week. Also, the time. Breakfast meals are generally less expensive than other meals. so maybe you can spread the meeting across multiple breakfast meals to save some cash.

Flexibility is key when trying to operate within budget. Yes, your employees may not love the idea of a Friday afternoon meeting. However, they may be more open to it if there were a happy hour that followed.  Starting to sound better, yes?

The point is that you shouldn’t be intimated by the setting and the price. Smaller budgets work and the results are similar with a little flexibility. Give us a call and lets make your meeting happen at a price that works for you!