Gonzalez y Gonzalez
192 Mercer Street
New York, NY 10012
{212} 473-7878

Welcome to Gonzalez y Gonzalez, a bar/restaurant establishment located in Downtown Manhattan and the perfect place to join in the fun with Os Kuduristas. Before we continue, here is a little history lesson on the group. They are from the Republic of Angola; a country located South of Africa neighboring Namibia and Zambia. They now have the opportunity to conquer the U.S.A. After a few events in Williamsburg, Brooklyn including a cultural exchange at Achievement First High School, they are ready to take over the spirit and energy in the Lower East Side.

The place immediately packs and after a quick warm up from the presenter, it was time to take down the house. Music blasts through the venue and masses of people surround the dance floor. The crowd explodes with continuous cheers and for a couple of hours the brutal cold weather, holiday shopping, and reality takes a backseat. The word Kuduro is a dance inspired to celebrate life and everything that encompasses this wonderful journey. Additionally, since Angola recently gained their freedom once more from a civil war lasting two decades, dancing is a great outlet to free the spirit and celebrate the positive moments of humanity.

The kuduro is high energy, fast-paced party music and the Os Kuduristas bring the house down regardless if they are performing in the streets and clubs of Paris, Amsterdam, and now in the States. If you are interested in catching their performance before they leave, check out their website, and follow them on social media for more information and get ready to dance the night away.

By: Laura M. Artis