It’s not often that we cover trendy, exclusive venues in the New York area. This is not by accident; we pride ourselves on being an event guide that caters to everyone. We are a guide of the people. However, having said that, we are also a New York-based event guide and we have to be honest with ourselves and our audience.

You can’t just walk into any joint in this town. In fact, for some places, you’ll have trouble even finding the door, learning the handshake, finding out the password and maybe even ordering a drink once you’re in! We are not that extreme but we want to talk about one of the most stunning views in New York City – right from the roof of the Dream Hotel Downtown.

The name of the place should not be confused with that college professor who gave you a D and kept you in school longer than you wanted to be (worked out in the end, didn’t it?). This is the Penthouse of the Dream right on the edge of the Meatpacking and Chelsea neighborhoods. Yes, they have overpriced cocktails and yes, you’ll probably wait in a ridiculous line if you don’t know someone. But, once you’re in the doors, with the beautiful people, delicious cocktails and epic music taking you to your happy place, you’ll thank us here at New York Events. The move may be to find someone with an in so you can get the party started sooner!