Buzz words will forever change and are probably most prominent in Corporate America. You know what we’re talking about; ‘thinking outside the box’, ‘hit the ground running’ or ‘streamlining the process’. Yes, we are cringing too.

One of the more popular buzz words today is social and extends far beyond students and startups. Social media is real and very powerful so use it. What often happens, just like those corporate buzz words, is that the actual meaning of the word or phrase gets lost.

Has anyone ever stopped and thought, is this social? Is this tweet or status update really social? Maybe. Maybe not.

For that question, we think that Patrick Janelle hit it right on the head. We’re all trying to connect the offline world to the online world and very few have done a good job at that.

Janelle is a founder of Spring St. Social Society where influencers on social media meet up and connect in a way that cannot be facilitated online.

The venues that Spring St. chooses is unique and the experiences will last far beyond the event.

We only recently heard of Janelle’s society but are all in on the idea. Let’s just hope we get an invite!

Check them out at for more information and make your world more ‘social’; whatever that means.