While all signs point to fall and everyone in autumn outfits, it’s still summer!  At least for the next few days. So, lets enjoy the remainder while it’s officially here! Some of you may have switched from rosé to straight red. We say, not yet! Let’s keep the party going and summer at the mansion. No, we are not talking about a mansion out east. We are talking about a mansion out west! Meaning the west side of Manhattan. Just a short subway ride away.

The mansion we are referring to is Rosé Mansion! Located on 32nd Street, the venue is part wine bar, part amusement park and part museum of science for wine. It’s a combined experience that you will not find anywhere else. So, get it while it’s here!  It’s only here for a limited time. Brought to you by a team whose goal is to create joy and happiness. They want you to play and have fun all while learning about this awesome pink drink! It’s an excuse to do something educational and still rosé all day!  There is plenty to do at the mansion.

There are 14 rooms to check out. Each room is a different experience with vibrant, eccentric and immersive new worlds, including Cleopatra’s Palace, a vintage airline lounge, Champagne disco ball pit and a treehouse. RoséLand is the location of the final adventure – natch – a total wine-doused playground, with 120 types of rosé and light bites from Taco Dumbo. Sound like something you’d be interested in? We thought so!

The day is filled with samples of sweet aromas of wine from across the world while doing what you do best in this city – wandering through a maze of fun-filled rooms with all things rosé. During this interactive experience, guests will discover a whole new side of the pink drink, learning about the culture, history and science behind this enchanting tipple.

The Rosé Mansion is open through September 30th. For more information and tickets, visit rosewinemansion.com.