This is not a piece on high-end art purchased by lawyers so you can continue reading.  We’re totally not into talking about things that we cannot have or events that we cannot attend.  What’s the point?  Oh yeah, we don’t like to wait in line either!

Have you ever admired the artists in the courtrooms who put together quality pieces in such a limited time? We have too. We’re actually amazed by it (and the stenographer’s quick fingers!). It turns out that we’re not the only ones.

If you’re into this sort of ‘art’ then you ought to pass by the Thurgood Marshall Courthouse. On display are 21 pieces of courtroom sketch art in the main lobby. Now, here’s the cool part; included in the collection are sketches from the trials Imelda Marcos, Leona Helmsley and Martha Stewart and the sentencing proceeding of Bernard Madoff. Sketch art from the suit by Mrs. Jacqueline Onassis against photographer Ron Galella, the Mitchell-Stans trial, the trial of General Westmoreland against CBS, the trial of Ariel Sharon against Time, Inc. Several high profile organized crime and terrorism cases will be showcased such as the trial against Ramzi Yousef, the 1991 WTC Bombing and Bojinka Plot and United States vs. Bin Laden.

The real life exhibit is totally worth the trip downtown. For more information, check out the listing on our calendar.

We know, you always get more than you bargain for here at New York Events.