Le Dîner en Blanc was made up by François Pasquier, and it has been held in over 30 different cities. One of the most notable places that it was at one time was the Eiffel Tower. This time, Le Diner en Blanc will be held in Long Island, New York and people will just love it. Long Island, New York is known for the wonderful options that it has for people. Great food, dining and much more all await them on Long Island.

The Special Time This Affair Has Planned For The Couples That Attend

The pop-up dinner is like a picnic dinner, but people show up in all white. For the pop-up dinner, guests will be seated at a white table with white chairs. It is a great time for everyone having a pop-up dinner. Everything on the tables is also white, including the glasses and silverware.

What Is The Food Like For This Event?

In one word, people describe it as awesome. The French cuisine is delicious won’t be able to get enough of it. Guests will receive a French, gourmet meal for two. It is an event that they surely won’t forget attending anytime soon, as they will be amazed at the time that they will.

Le Dîner en Blanc Long Island

New York Events is involved in the debut of the Le Dîner en Blanc. They are promoting the arrival of Le Diner en Blanc. The committee wants couples to register to be a part of it. The couples must be invited by someone from the inside that is in the know. The couples will receive a special code that they will need for assistance online. Once they are registered, they will meet at designated places. Upon entering the white zone, they will all be moved to their tables at the same time. All in unison, they look fabulous, and the entire affair is elegant and exquisite.

For more information and to join Le Dîner en Blanc Long Island, click here! Just keep in mind that final ticket sales end on Friday at 11:59pm!!!