@ Friedman Benda – 515 W 26th Street

The remarkable drawings of visionary architect Lebbeus Woods delineate an array of retrofuturistic urban structures so complex, they make the High Line and the Second Avenue subway look like kid stuff. Some of his projects, such as the “Centricity” and “A-City” schemes, are wholly speculative; others, like “Aerial Paris” and “Underground Berlin,” propose the transformative remodeling of real city centers. But in all cases, Woods, cofounder of the Research Institute for Experimental Architecture, brings immediately apparent technical understanding to bear on his wild flights of fancy. Inspired by the Romantic and Surrealist traditions, he conjures an aesthetic tightly interwoven with architectural theory and practice, and with echoes across many other mediums and disciplines in addition to art, from illustration to film, literature to radical politics.

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