It’s all the talk around here and everywhere. Everyone around you has lost their mind scared to leave the house. Yes, we should be careful, but we subscribe to living our lives. And, with that, we are looking to the weekend. COVID halted travel plans to Austin as SXSW has been canceled, but now that means your schedule is open and you can fill it with something comparable. And, local! Oh, and with lower risk of the coronavirus!  If you’re into finding new music and Spotify has been off its game lately, we have just the solution!

From March 11th through March 15th, our city will be invaded with talented up-and-coming bands who will be taking over various downtown clubs for your benefit. We’re looking at it like a smorgasbord of new music. So, if you are constantly on the hunt to find new favorite bands, local shows and international bands that you should know about, this is right up your alley. The best part is that its live!  Imagine switching YouTube videos in real life?  For a hundred bucks, you get a badge that grants you priority access to more than 200 shows that span indie-electronica and acoustic twee to noise and punk rock.

“New music needs more points of discovery, especially in a live setting,” says co-founders of the event Mike Bell and Steven Matrick. “With streaming and other ways to consume recordings dominating our modern culture, we set out to curate a place where artists have the ability to reach people without worrying about algorithms or ad spends on social media.”  Sounds like an old school approach to music. See a band, like what you see, buy the music. We’re down.

We’re especially interested because there are no headliners at New Colossus, so we won’t get FOMO because we might have to choose between missing a huge name for a smaller band that we’re curious about.  Get ready to expand your library. We can’t wait!

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