It seems like I have the ‘New York has become so corporate’ conversation at least once a week. In fact, I just had it the other night when a family member came to visit and talked about how the buildings all had names of the companies on them and how all the stores were Mom and Pop shops. Sure, they were the good old days; a time when there was a chance for the little guy to make it. Well, that chance still exists. Just not in most neighborhoods.

That is not true for the East Village. One of the few neighborhoods in Manhattan where you feel safe to walk around and can experience unique, one-of-a-kind joints that are not named Pret A Manger or insert corporate name here. While there is an abundance of matchless shops to get anything from a new bong to a sex toy you’ve never heard of, I am mostly talking about food. Yes, I am a heifer. Seriously, the food is very unusual and served by the hard working people who make it for you to enjoy.

You can find the most authentic Belgian fries in the East Village. They’re made to order and have a whole slew of sauces to choose from. If you’re into Asian, there’s a great Asian Fusion joint where you can eat delicious pork belly and BBQ spare ribs. What would a piece on joints be without talking about falafel? The East Village is home to the first gourmet falafel shop in the city!

Once you’ve had a chance to enjoy all the food, there better be room for dessert! You’ll find the best chocolate eclair by the New York Times, one of the oldest Italian bakery restaurants in the city (established since 1894) and an amazing tropical drink that is made fresh daily!

Don’t have time to do all the research or looking for some hand holding to experience all this and more? Not to worry! New York Food Tours put together a great package where you can do all of this and more! We’ve partnered up with them to offer you a discounted price. Be sure to check them out and let them know New York Events sent you. Don’t forget to mention us in all of your foodie tweets!